What The Salaf Said About Seeking Knowledge

Ibn Abee Ghassaan said, “So long as you are seeking knowledge, you are knowledgeable, but as soon as you abandon this pursuit, you become ignorant.”

Imaam Maalik said, “No one who has knowledge should stop seeking knowledge.

Ibn Al-Mubaarak was asked, “How long will you seek knowledge?

So he replied, “Until I die, for probably I have not yet learnt the things that will benefit me most.

Aboo ‘Amr Ibn Al-‘Alaa’ was asked, “For how long does it befit a man to seek knowledge?

He replied, “For as long as he has life in him.

Sufyaan Ath-Thawree was asked, “Who is the most in need of seeking knowledge?

He replied, “Those who have the most knowledge.

He was then asked, “Why?

So he replied, “Because if they make a mistake, it is worse.


3 Responses to “What The Salaf Said About Seeking Knowledge”

  1. Allaahuma ‘alimna ma yanfa’unaa wa anfa’naa ma ‘alimtana wa zidna ‘ilmaa! Ya Rabb!

  2. typo *bima ‘alimtana*

  3. Please give some referens to the above qoutes. How else can one check if they are true?????

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