Great Indeed Is The Fitnah Of Women

The prophet (saw) said:

O group of women, give charity, as I see you as the most numerous of the people in the Hell-Fire.

So they said, “Why (is that), O Messenger of Allaah?

He (saw) replied:

You speak a lot of bad words (i.e, curse a lot), and you disobey your husbands and I have never seen such a deficiency in intellect and religion so that a good man could be lead astray by any one of you” [Bukhaaree & Muslim]

And an interesting story narrated by al-Hasan Al-Basree which superbly shows how such a thing can happen can be read here.

As the Prophet (saw) said:

I am not leaving behind me in my ummah any fitnah that is more harmful for men than women.” [Bukhaaree & Muslim]


One Response to “Great Indeed Is The Fitnah Of Women”

  1. subhanAllah sister/brother (May Allah have mercy on you):

    Please do not post random translations of hadith like this. This translation (hadith #1) is incorrect and needs detailed commentary on this hadith to make the readers understand. What if some random visitor (perhaps a non-muslim) read this hadith and got the wrong understanding and thought that our Prophet (peace be upon him) was prejudiced toward woman? You need commentary to clarify and exlain these things so that people do not have wrong thinkings about the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the hadith.

    Kindly update this post with commentary on the 1st hadith

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