‘Ali Al-Tamimi Beautifully Describes Those Who Are Quick To Criticise As…

With regards to those who claim Salafiyyah yet are quick to criticise their brothers from the du’aat (callers), ‘Ali Al-Tamimi (may Allaah release him) beautifully says:

Truly this group is as they have been described:

They are Khawarij with regards to the du’at (preachers);

Murji’a with regards to the rulers;

Rafida with regards to the jamaa’at (Islamic groups);

and Qadariya with regards to the Jews, Christians, and infidels.

I ask my brothers and sisters who have fallen into this fitna that they reconsider some of their positions and repent from these astray beliefs. I also request of my brothers and sisters who have been preserved from this fitna not to rejoice at the error of their brethren but rather to thank Allah for guiding them and use this opportunity to wisely and gently bring our brothers back to the truth.

Let us not forget that the overwhelming majority of these brothers/sisters remain staunch supporters of tawhid and sunna who have been deluded into this fitna thinking that they are defending Allah’s religion. While in reality they are only defending a throne which cares less for them or their leaders.

May Allah forgive us our transgressions and bring us to His Truth gently.

Source: A letter written by ‘Ali Al-Tamimi on IslamicAwakening.


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