The Speech Of Allaah, Part 9 | Is The Quraan The Speech Of Other Than Allaah?

An Internal Speech Without Sound?

As was touched upon in part 3, the Ash’arees claim that the speech of Allaah is an ‘internal’ speech (like that of the mind which is without sound). Therefore this Qur’aan (according to them) is an expression of that internal speech, rather than His actual Speech which He spoke.

Imaam ash-Shahrastaanee (d. 548 AH), while discussing the historical development of the various sects related to the kalaam of Allaah, wrote:

“Then (Aboo al-Hasan) Al-Ash’aree came, and invented a third opinion, and claimed that all sound must be created. And with this (opinion), he contradicted the consensus (ijmaa’a) before him, for he claimed that what we recite is not the actual kalaam of Allaah. And this (belief) is the essence of innovation.’

So the Ash’arees claim that the speech of Allaah is without sound (which was previously refuted), and also that Allaah’s Kalaam (speech) is an internal speech.

Who Was The First To Speak The Quraan?

Since the Ash’arees claimed that Quraan is an ‘expression’ of His ‘internal’ speech, they then had to answer a number of questions, including: “Who was the first to speak this Quraan, if, (as you Ash’arees claim) Allaah doesn’t speak?”

In other words, since the Ash’arees claimed that Allaah’s kalaam could not be heard (and is only an ‘internal’ speech), then where did the Qur’aan come from? And who was the first to recite it?

Concerning this point, the Ash’arees were forced to admit (an innovated belief) that the Qur’aan is not the actual kalaam of Allaah (since Allaah’s speech is ‘internal’ without any sound – as they claim!), but instead an ‘expression’ (Ar. ‘hikaayah’ or “ibaarah’) of the kalaam of Allaah.

Blasphemous Answers By The Ash’arees

As to who (or what) was the first to actually “express” it, the Ash’arees differed amongst themselves into a number of opinions, all of which are equally blasphemous!

Some state that Allaah made Jibreel understand the meaning of the Qur’aan, and Jibreel was the first to verbalize it, thus making the Qur’aan the speech of Jibreel!

Yet others staled that the Qur’aan was inspired in meaning and first spoken by the Prophet (saw), thus making the Qur’aan the speech of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)!

O Ash’arees! The Quraan Is The Speech Of Allaah!

As we know the Quraan is the speach of Allaah in wording and meaning. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, affirmed that the words of the Qur’aan are from Allaah, and not from Jibreel or even Muhammad (saw), as the Ash’arees, allege.

Part 10, will in shaa Allaah, refute this claim with reference to the Quraan, Sunnah, and statements from the Salaf.


4 Responses to “The Speech Of Allaah, Part 9 | Is The Quraan The Speech Of Other Than Allaah?”

  1. Sorry for my ignorance bro, but could u please say all of this in just one line.

    So, Ash’arees believe……. ???

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      So, the Ash’arees believe that Allaah’s speech is an internal speech (without sound).

      Therefore, it is asked of them, who was the first one to verbalise it (with sound)?

      They differ in their reply, some say it was Jibreel, and some say it was Muhammad (saw).

      So therefore, they are saying that the Quraan is not the kalaam (speech) of Allaah, but the kalaam of Jibreel (or Muhammad (saw)).

      And a refutation of this belief will in shaa Allaah come in part 10.

      I hope this has helped you understand the article somewhat.

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


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