Islaam Is Against All Forms Of Violence, By Shaykh Bin Baaz

Islaam is against all forms of terrorism and violence, and how could it not be?

Shaykh Abdul-Azîz Ibn Bâz said:

“From that which is known to everyone who has the slightest bit of common sense is that hijacking airplanes and kidnapping children and the like are extremely great crimes, the world over. Their evil effects are far and wide, as is the great harm and inconvenience caused to the innocent; the total effect of which none can comprehend except Allaah.

Likewise, from that which is known is that these crimes are not specific to any particular country over and above another country, nor any specific group over and above another group, rather it encompasses the whole world.

There is no doubt about the effect of these crimes; so it is obligatory upon the governments and those responsible from amongst the scholars and other than them to afford these issues great concern, and to exert themselves as much as possible in ending this evil.”

[Kayfa Nu’aalij Waaqi’unaa al-Aleem, pp. 108-109]

And as Shaykh Abdul ‘Azeez Aal-Shaykh said:

“The world must know that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy and goodness; it is a religion of justice and guidance…Islam has forbidden violence in all its forms. It forbids the hijacking airplanes, ships and other means of transport, and it forbids all acts that undermine the security of the innocent.”

[Source, p. 10]

3 Responses to “Islaam Is Against All Forms Of Violence, By Shaykh Bin Baaz”

  1. Al-Ameen Muhammad Says:

    Assalamu’Alaikum WaRahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, May Allah reward U for ur efforth to get this ilm to the Muslims and non- Muslims… Protect them from Bidah…Barakallahu keek

  2. Mohammad Ayub Says:

    May Allah have mercy upon you, for you being a Muslim and a Coward…….

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