The Speech Of Allaah, Part 11 | Is The Quraan Created? What The Ash’arees Say

The Beliefs Of Ahlu Sunnah:

The belief of Ahlu Sunnah is that the Quraan is uncreated. All the scholars of Ahlu Sunnah have explicitly stated this, and quotes from the Salaf regarding this exceed over 500 (as stated by Al-Laalikaa’ee). The Ash’arees believe something illogical and innovative. They differentiate between the actual kalaam of Allaah and the Quraan (which they claim is an expression of the internal kalaam).

The Innovative Beliefs Of The Ash’arees:

Since the Ash’arees claimed that Allaah’s Kalaam is an internal kalaam, they then followed up this principle by stating that the actual text of the Qur’aan is created, but the kalaam of Allaah is not. The Arabic Qur’aan, according to the Ash’arees, is not the actual kalaam of Allaah, but rather an ‘expression’ of the kalaam of Allaah.

Most of them stated that the Qur’aan was first created in the Lauh al-Mahfoodh (in other words, the Arabic words of the Qur’aan did not exist until they were created by Allaah in the Lauh al-Mahfoodh), thus explicitly claiming that the Quraan was created!

In other words, the Ash’arees were forced to admit (an innovated belief) that the Arabic Qur’aan is not the actual kalaam of Allaah, and that it is created. This is due to the fact that they differentiated between what they called an ‘internal kalaam’ of Allaah, which is without language, sound and words, and between the actual Qur’aan, which is in Arabic, recited and heard, and composed of words.

The Internal kalaam Is Uncreated But Its Expression (The Quraan) Is Created!

This ‘internal kalaam’ of Allaah, according to them, is not created, but the Qur’aan, since it is only an ‘expression’ of the ‘internal kalaam’ and not the actual kalaam of Allaah, must be created.

Thus, the Ash’arees explicitly state and believe that the Quraan is created, even though they then follow up this statement with the phrase, “…but the kalaam of Allaah is not.” As one of their most famous scholars, Ibraaheem al-Baajooree (1) (d. 1277AH), wrote:

“The belief of the Ahl as-Sunnah (intending the belief of the Ash’arees) is that the Qur’aan, meaning the internal kalaam (of Allaah) is not created, but the Qur’aan, meaning the one that we recite, is created.”

Therefore, in essence, the Ash’arees agreed with the Jahmiyyah and the Mu’tazilah that the Qur’aan is created.

Did The Salaf Differentiate Between An Internal Kalaam And An Expression Of That Internal Kalaam?

Question: When all of the scholars of the salaf vehemently spoke against those who believed that the Qur’aan was created, and even accused them of disbelief were they referring to this concept of ‘internal kalaam’ that the Ash ‘arees invented, or where they referring to the Qur’aan that is well known to all Muslims?

And, did any of these scholars differentiate between this ‘internal kalaam’ and the actual Qur’aan, and state that the Qur’aan is only an ‘expression’ of this ‘internal kalaam’?

Answer: None of the salaf preached or believed the doctrines that the Ash’arees invented, and none of them differentiated between an ‘internal kalaam of Allaah’ and the Qur’aan. What the salaf were referring to when they said that the Qur’aan is the kalaam of Allaah, and that the Qur’aan is not created, is the actual Qur’aan, and not an imaginary and invented ‘internal kalaam’.

None of them, not even a single scholar (before Aboo al-Hasan al-Ash’aree and his teacher Ibn Kullaab), mentioned this concept of an ‘internal’ kalaam, and differentiated between it and the actual Qur’aan!

The salaf are all quoted as saying, “The Qur’aan is the kalaam of Allaah, and is not created.” yet the Ash’arees state, “The Qur’aan is only an expression of the kalaam of Allaah, and is created.“!!

Ahmad ibn Seenan al-Waasitee (d. 256AH), one of the teachers of Imaam al-Bukhaarec (d. 256 AH) and Imaam Muslim (d. 261 AH), said in refutation of the belief of Ibn Kullaab (which was later taken by Aboo al-Hasan al- Ash’aree):

“Whoever presumes that the Qur’aan is two things (i.e., an ‘internal’ kalaain and an expression of that kalaam), or that it is only an ‘expression’ (of the kalaam of Allaah), then by Allaah, besides whom there is no other god, he is a heretic (zindeeq) who wishes to destroy Islaam. He is a disbeliever in Allaah. This Qur’aan is the Qur’aan that Allaah revealed through Jibreel to the Prophet…” [Juday’ p. 436]


(1) Al-Baajooree was perhaps the most famous scholar of the. Ash’arees during the last century)

In short, the Ash’arees sate that the kalaam of Allah is an internal kalaam, therefore, the Quraan is only an expression of that internal kalam. Now because the Quraan is not the actual kalaam of Allaah, it is created.


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