Aboo Nu’aym (D. 219H), “The Quraan Is Uncreated”

Ahmad Ibn Abil-Hasan At-Tirmidhee and others reported from Aboo Nu’aym that he said:

“The Quraan is the speech of Allaah, it is not created.”

likewise, Aboo Nu’aym said:

“I came to Koofah and it contained more than seven hundred shaykhs, al-A’mash and those lesser than him, all of them saying, ‘The Quraan is the speech of Allaah,‘…”

At-Tabaraanee said, I heard Sulayhah Bint Abee Nu’aym say:

“I heard my father say, ‘The Quraan is the speech of Allaah, uncreated, and whoever says it is created is an unbeliever.‘ “

A Short Biography Of Aboo Nu’aym:

Aboo Nu’aym was born in 130H, and died in 219H in Koofah.

Those who he narrated from include: Sufyaan Ath-Thawree, Aboo Haneefah, Ibn Abee Laylaa among others.

Those who narrate from him include: Imaam Bukhaaree, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Yahyaa Ibn Ma’een, Adh-Dhuhlee, Aboo Muhammad Ad-Daarimee, Aboo Haatim, At-Tirmidhee, among others.

What The Scholars Said About Him:

Yahyaa Ibn Ma’een said of him:

“I have not sen anyone more reliable than two men, Aboo Nu’aym, and ‘Affaan.”

Aboo Haatim said:

“I asked ‘Alee (Ibn Al-Madeenee), ‘Who is the most reliable of the students of Ath-Thawree?

He said, ‘Yahyaa, ‘Abdur-rahmaan, Wakee’, and Aboo Nu’aym.’ “

Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal said:

“There are two shaykhs about whom the people used to speak and whom they used to make mention of… They stood for Allaah’s sake with a matter which no others, or very few others, stood to support – ‘Affaan and Aboo Nu’aym.”

Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee said explaining the above incident:

“Aboo ‘Abdillaah (Imaam Ahmad) was referring to their refusal to consent to the saying that the Quraan is created, when they were tried.”

[Siyar A’laamin-Nubulaa, Vol. 10, Pp. 142-157]


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