The Laughter Of The Salaf

Al-‘Ijlee said about ‘Ubaydullaah Ibn Moosaa (120-213H):

“Reliable, a leader with regards to the Quraan, a scholar of it. I never saw him raising his head up, and he was never seen laughing.”

[Siyar, 9/553-557]

Hafs Ibn Sayyaar said:

“I have not seen the like of Qabeesah (D. 215H). I have never seen him smiling. He was from the righteous worshippers of Allaah.”

[Siyar, 10/130-135]


2 Responses to “The Laughter Of The Salaf”

  1. Anas said, “I have never seen anyone smiling more than the Prophet (peace be upon him).” This is the sunnah. It is not the sunnah to not smile as you have alluded to in the post.

  2. as-Salâm ‘Alaykum Warahmatullâh

    There’s a difference between smiling and laughing.

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