Speaking Without Knowledge, By Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (Part 2)

O brothers, certainly it is from common sense and eemaan and from the fear of Allaah that a man says regarding that which he does not know, ‘I have no knowledge‘, or ‘I do not know‘, or ‘Ask other than me‘, for certainly this is from the completeness of common sense…

Certainly this is from the completeness of eemaan in Allaah and fear of Him, that he does not … say about Him not His Religion that which he does not know.

The Messenger of Allaah (saw) was the most knowledgeable of all creation regarding the Religion of Allaah, and he used to question regarding that which was not revealed upon him in the form of wahee (revelation), so he used to wait until revelation was revealed to him, then Allaah (swt) would reply regarding that which His Messenger questioned about:

They ask you what is lawful for them. Say, ‘Lawful unto you are at-tayyibaat (all halaal foods)…’,” [5:4]

And He (swt) says:

And they ask you about Dhul-Qarnayn. Say, ‘I shall recite to you something of his story.’.” [18:83]

And He (swt) says:

They ask you about the Hour, ‘When will be its appointed time?’ Say, ‘The knowledge thereof is with my Lord. None can reveal its time but He.’ ” [7:187]

It used to be that the Sahaabah, when presented with an issue about which they did not know the Judgement of Allaah, they used to be afraid, and chose to abstain from passing their own judgement,

So we have Aboo Bakr as-Sideeq (ra) who said:

“Which sky will shade me? And which land will harbour me if I were to speak about the Book of Allaah without sound knowledge?”

Ibn Seereen said:

“There was none more afraid regarding that which he did not know than Aboo Bakr, and there was none after Aboo Bakr more afraid regarding that which he did not know than ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab.”

Ibn Mas’ood (ra) said:

“O people! Anyone who is questioned about that which he has knowledge of then let him speak, and anyone who does not have knowledge then he should say “Allaah knows best“, for certainly from having knowledge is to say “Allaah knows best” regarding that which you do not know.”

Ash-Sha’bee was questioned about an issue and he said:

“I am not well-versed in it.”

So his companions said to him:

“We have become shy for you.”

So he said:

“But the angels did not become shy when it was said, “…we have no knowledge except what you have taught us…” [2:32] “

[Taken from ‘Kitaabul ‘Ilm (The Book Of Knowledge), by Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, Pp. 103-105]


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