The Salaf’s Dislike For Scholarly Fame

The Salaf had a great dislike for being known among the people as ‘people of knowledge’. For they loved that they keet their deeds/status hidden.

‘Abdur Rahmaan Ibn Abee Laylaa said:

“I met one hundred and twenty of the companions of Alaah’s Messenger (saw) from the Ansaar. There was not one from among them who would be asked about something, except that he loved that his brother replace him (in that matter) and he would not narrate a hadeeth except that he loved that his brother replace him.”

Zubayd said:

“I never asked Ibraheem (An-Nakha’ee) about anything, except that I saw signs of dislike in him.”

Aboo Haseen said:

“I went to Ibraheem to ask him about an issue, so he said, ‘Was there not anyone else between me and you that you coula have asked (instead of me)?‘.”

This great concern of the Salaf even lead to some having no concern even if the people saw them as ignorant:

Al-Hasan Al-Basree said:

“If a man sits amongst people, and they perceive him to be ignorant, when in fact he is not ignorant, then this is truly the Muslim who possesses understanding (of the Religion).”

[Quotes taken from “The Book Of Knowledge” By Imaam Aboo Khaithama An-Nisaa’ee, #20, 21, 78 & 131]


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