5 Narrations Showing The Salaf’s Fear Of The Hereafter

1) The Fear Of Aboo Bakr:

Mu’aadh (ra) said:

“One day Aboo Bakr (ra) entered a garden and there was a finch standing in the shade of a tree, so he sighed deeply and then said:

“Glad tidings to you o bird! You eat fruit, receive shade from th etrees and then yuo pass on to no reckoning; only if Aboo Bakr was like you!” “

[Al-Mutamanniyeen, p. 71 – Note that there is some ikhtilaaf on the authenticity of this narration]

2) ‘Uthmaan’s Reaction Upon Seeing A Grave:

Haani’, the freed slave of ‘Uthmaan said:

“Whenever ‘Uthmaan (ra) used to stand over a grave, his beard would become wet from tears.”

[Al-Hilya, 1/61]

3) Malik Ibn Deenaar’s Fear Of The Punishment Of Allaah Descending Upon Him:

Maalik Ibn Deenaar said:

“By Allaah! If it was possible for me not to sleep, I would not sleep out of fear that the punishment would descend and I am asleep.

By Allaah! If I had some helpers, I would spread them out among the dunyaa and give them orders to cry out to the people, ‘O mankind! The Fire! The Fire!’ “

[Al-Ihyaa, 4/567]

4) The Clay Oven Reminded Him Of The Grave:

Once ‘Alaa Ibn Muhammad entered upon ‘Ataa as-Sulaymee (rahimahUllaah), and he had passed out, so he asked his wife Umm Ja’far:

“What is the matter with ‘Ataa?”

She replied:

“Our neighbour lit her clay oven so he looked towards it thereupon he passed out.”

[Tadhkiratul Huffaadh, 1/216]

5) The Darkness Of The Grave:

Muslim Ibn Ibraaheem said:

“Hishaam Ad-Dastawaa’ee (rahimahUllaah) never used to put out his lamp at night until morning and used to say, ‘Whenever I see the darkness, I think about the darkness of the grave.‘ “

[Al-Hilyah, 6/221]


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