Why didn’t you respond to him?” – Ibn Qudaamah

Ibn Al-Subki narrated:

“And it’s narrated that Ibn Asaakir passed by Ibn Qudamah, and he greeted him but Ibn Qudamah did not respond to him. He was asked:

“Why didn’t you respond to him?”

Ibn Qudamah replied:

“He believes in Kalam Al-Nafsi (an Ash’aree belief that actions such as speech oppose Allah’s special quality of being eternal, therefore Allah is eternally speaking within Himself), so I responded to him fee-nafsi (within myself)”.

[Tabaqaat Al-Shafi’iyah, 8/184]



2 Responses to “Why didn’t you respond to him?” – Ibn Qudaamah”

  1. salahuddin ayyoubi Says:

    what ibn asakir books are reliable and not? subhanAllah, i fought of him as trustworty.

    • Ibn Asaakir “was an Ash’aree, but not one of the hardcore ones, rather those who were closer to ahlul hadeeth.

      His works are reference material for us.” [Ustaadh Aboo Rumaysah]

      Many famous scholars of the past were influenced by the Ash’aree creed. An-Nawawee and Ibn Hajr, are among the famously quoted ones. Though they were not Ash’aree in totality. Shaykh Mashhoor has a valuable book titled, “The Creed Of An-Nawawee” in which he shows how An-Nawawee also expressed and propagated the creed of Ahlul Hadeeth.

      The same can be said for Ibn Hajr.

      Furthermore, if a scholar has certain views which contradict the pure sunnah, then that does not mean we throw him out and reject him in totality.

      Ibn Taymiyyah beautifully expresses this by quoting the hadeeth where the Prophet (saw) said that water which is more than 2 Qullahs (large jugs) does not carry impurity. Ibn Taymiyyah explains how because of the huge amount of water, a small amount of impurity (najasah) does not effect the water (due to its large amount). And likewise, a scholar (and his status in our eyes) is not effected by a small amount of corrupted views (due to his large knowledge).

      I hope this answers/clarifies your question.

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