Qaadhi ‘Iyaad – Respecting The Scholars

Qaadi Iyaad mentions:

“One of the rights of the scholar is that you should not be persistent when question him, nor gruff when answering him. Neither be importune if he is tired, nor catch hold of his robe when he rises to depart. Do not point to him, or spread abroad some private information about him, or speak ill of anyone in his presence.

Do not seek out his failings; when he slips, wait for him to recover and accept his his apology. You must revere and esteem him, for the sake of Allah. Do not walk in front of him. If he needs anything, you should make haste serve him before the others.

You should not find find his long company tedious, for he is like a date-palm that you sitting beneath, waiting for a windfall. When you arrive, greet him particular, and all who are present.

All this should be for the sake of Allaah; for a learned man receives more reward from Allah than someone who fasts, prays, and fights in Allah’s path; and when he dies, a hole appears in Islam which remains until the Day of Judgment, unless it be filled by a successor who is his like.

The seeker of knowledge, moreover, is accompanied by the Angels of Heaven.”

[‘Iyad, Ilma, 48]


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