The Salaf And Their Salaah, Part 1

Muslim Al-Makkee narrated:

“Once I saw Ibn Az-Zubair go into rukoo’ so I read soorah al-Baqarah, Aali Imraan, an-Nisaa’ and al-Maa’idah and he did not raise his head!” (1)

Aboo Qatn narrated:

“I never saw Shu’bah making rukoo’ except that I thought he forgot, nor have I ever seen him sitting between the two prostrations except that I thought he forgot.” (2)

Ibn Wahb narrated:

Once I saw (Sufyaan) Ath-Thawree in the Haram after maghrib prayer offering voluntary prayer. Then he went down into sujood (prostration) and he didn’t raise his head until the adhaan for ‘ishaa was made.” (3)

‘Abdaan narrated:

“Hudbah Ibn Hakeen used to make tasbeeh in rukoo’ and sujood more than thirty times.” (4)

‘Alaa narrated:

“Once I came to the masjid of Waasit and the mu’adhdhin made the adhaan for dhuhr. Afterwards Mansoor Ibn Zaadhaan came and began offering prayer. I saw that he made sujood eleven times before the iqaamah was made for the prayer.” (5)

Some of the students of Abu Ash-Shaykh reported that they never entered upon Abu Ash-Shaykh except that he was offering prayer.” (6)


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