The Salaf And Their Salaah, Part 2

Ahmad Ibn ‘Atiyyah reported:

“The daily portion of voluntary raka’ah for prayer that Muhammad Ibn Samaa’ah made was two hundred raka’ah.” (1)

‘Ataa reported:

“Murrah used to offer six hundred units of voluntary prayer daily…” (2)

Qays Ibn Rabee’ narrated:

“I saw Yazeed Ibn Zuray’ in a dream and asked him, ‘What has Allaah done with you?

He replied, ‘I have been granted entrance into Paradise.

I then asked, ‘Why?

He answered, ‘By abundantly offering prayer.‘ ” (3)

Muhaarib said:

“We accompanied Qaasim Ibn ‘Abdir Rahmaan and he became superior over us with long silence, generosity and abundant prayer.” (4)

Masrooq narrated:

“There isn’t a time that we wake up or go to sleep and I feel remorse upon anything from the worldly life except for not making more sujood to Allaah.” (5)

‘Ubaydullaah Ibn Sulaymaan Ibn Mu’aawiyah Ash-Shaamee reported:

“Our grandfather wore out two prayer rugs and began on a third, with the place of his knees, face and hands from the abundance of prayer that he offered.” (6)


(1) As-Siyar, 10/646

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(5) Ash-Shu’ab, p. 2909

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5 Responses to “The Salaf And Their Salaah, Part 2”

  1. i have a quick question bro, do i have to recite faatihah if the imaam is also reciting it aloud?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      There are 2 opinions on this matter, one says recite it when the Imaam is reciting aloud and another says dont recite it when the Imaam is reciting aloud.

      Ibn Taymiyyah says one should not recite faatihah (to himself) when the imaam is reciting it aloud.

      However other scholars, like ‘Umar Baazmool, Bin Baaz, Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, and likewise with Imaam bukhaaree are of the opinion that one should recite the faatihah to oneself, even when the Imaam is reciting it allowed.

      And this seems to be the stronger opinion, and Allaah knows best.

    • However since there is a legit difference of opinion on this matter, one cannot force his opinion on others nor can we say the other opinion is invalid or rejected. Nor can one say the holders of the other opinion are in error or in misguidance.

  2. Whats albanis position on this?

    • Shaykh Al-Albaanee says that one should not recite the faatihah to oneself (quietly) when the Imaam is reciting aloud, yet he should recite it to himself when the Imaam is also reciting to himself (quietly).

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