‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab “There Are Four Types Of Oceans”

‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab (ra) said:

“There are four types of oceans:

(1) passion is the ocean of sins,

(2) the nafs is the ocean of desires,

(3) death is the ocean of lives,

(4) and the grave is the ocean of regrets.”


11 Responses to “‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab “There Are Four Types Of Oceans””

  1. jus have a quest…how is “death an ocean of lives”??? does it mean the afterlife??

    • As the people who have died are far more than the people who are alive. Once a person dies he eneters the abode where millions upon millions of sould are awaiting. So it is a place where there are ‘oceans’ of lives. And Allaah knows best.

  2. Mohamed Farah Says:

    salam alaykum akhi if its not personal can u send me ur email so i can ask something inshallah i need advice

  3. Umm Aasiah Says:

    SubhanAllah an amzing quote! wud like to share but wanted to know the source. Do u get these from a certain book?

  4. Considering you go by the name of authentic base….it is ironic that you share a quote without the authenticity it requires, ie no reference.

    • Sis Umm, In-shaAllah we keep good dhann of the brother that he read it somewhere authentic and shared it with us. I just checked it online and I believe this quote is from “Preparing For The Day Of Judgement” By: Imam Ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalani. Wallahu Alam

    • Abu Nu'maan Says:

      1) If ur niyyah is bad then may Allaah expose you, so fear Allaah

      2) Many of our ulamaa’ (including Imaam Al-Bukhari!) narrated athaar without their chain of narration. This was done by them if thy new the chain was saheeh, so they just cut it out.

    • Abu Nu'maan Says:

      3) To criticise/rebuke people is a sin. And to criticise/rebuke those giving da’wh is a bigger sin as it takes the masses away from them.

      So fear Allaah and know the consequences of your words, as they will come back to you on the day of judgement.

      U remind me of those madhkali’s who throw someone out of the manhaj due to a small error subhaanAllaah.

      • My comments were not ridiculing anyone one. I came upon this website due to the name of it. In Islam, authenticity of any information is very important and this is what makes our religion different from other religions, because it is based upon evidence from authentic sources. Too easily one can become misguided if the source is not determined. Moreover, instead of attacking me and judging me, you should compose yourself and think how the Prophet (saw) would have dealt with this. As always he was very pleasant in his actions and speech, as we can read in authentic hadiths of how he dealt with the non muslims in Madinah. I apologise if my comments came across in a negative manner… This was not my intention. My intention was to try to find the reference as i really liked this quote and sent it on my mailing list and have been asked to provide authentic references for it. So you have a reference for this please?

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