How Major And Minor Shirk Affects One’s Hereafter

Ahmad Ibn Hajar Aal-Bootaamee Ash-Shaafi’ee said (in affirming the speech of Shaykh Ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah):

“Shirk is of two types: major and minor, and whoever is free from them both will enter Paradise and whoever dies upon major shirk will enter the Hellfire.

Whoever is free from major shirk yet commits some aspects of minor shirk and has some good deeds which outweigh, that person will enter Paradise (after being punished for his minor shirk).

Whoever is free from major shirk yet has committed much in the way of minor shirk to the extent that his evil actions outweigh, then such a person will enter Hellfire.

Shirk will take a person to Hell if the majority of it has been committed or if much minor shirk has been committed.

However, if the minor shirk is little and the culprit has much sincerity then this will not render a person as being adequate for Hell.

Major shirk is: sujood (prostration – to other than Allaah), vows to other than Allaah etc.

Minor shirk is: riyaa (showing off) (1) and making oaths to other than Allaah (2) if the person did not intend glorification of the creation in a manner which only Allaah should be glorified.”

[“Tatheer Ul-Janaan Wa’l Arkaan ‘An Darn Ish-Shirk Wa’l Kufraan“, Pp. 38-39. Quoted in “Shirk According To Scholars From The Four Madhhabs”, Pp. 135-136, by Sh. Dr. Muhammad Al-Khummayyis]


(1) This is based on Allaah’s saying: “…showing [themselves to] the people and not remembering Allaah except a little…” [4:142]

(2) This is based on the saying of the Messenger (saw): “Whoever swears an oath by other than Allaah has committed shirk.” Examples of this could be, as people say, “I swear on my mother’s life…“, or “I swear by Allaah and His Messenger…“. There is controversy over whether it is legitimate to say, “I swear by the Quraan” as it could imply to possible meanings. One which is correct, and one which is incorrect. If the person saying this means ‘Allaah’s Speech’ then this is ok, as Allaah’s speech is uncreated and a part of Him, but if he intends by the Quraan ‘the Mushaf’, then this is not permissible.


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