A Glimpse Into The Deviant Tafseer Of The Sofees

From the 4th century AH, some Soofees have interpreted “Pharaoh” to mean the heart in Allaah’s command to the Prophet Moosaa (as):

Go to Pharaoh, for verily he has transgressed.” [79:17]

– as it is the heart which oppresses every man, causing him to transgress.

Other Soofees interpreted Allaah’s command to Prophet Moosaa:

Throw down your staff…” [27:10]

– as a command to throw aside the material world and only depend on Allaah.

These spiritualistic tafseers are indicative of the Soofee movement’s overemphasis of the spiritual over the material.

[Usool At-Tafseer, by Bilal Philips, p. 46]


One Response to “A Glimpse Into The Deviant Tafseer Of The Sofees”

  1. salaamu alaikum,
    I was part of the sufee org who followed Mubarak ali Gilani of pakistan, his hatred of the salaf is what led me to the salaf, I spent 7 months in pakistan and 8 yrs following this deviant, they are known as jamaatul Fuqra and Muslims of the americas, they have villages all over the usa and have shrines on their property, I am in the midst of writing about them, they claim anyone who doesnt follow a sufee tariqa is a deviant and call the ullamah of Saudi, dogs. Subhanallaah, may Allaah give them what they deserve.

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