O Heedless One Sitting In The Shade Of Joy & Pleasure!

Ibn ‘Umar reported that the Messenger of Allaah took hold of his hand and said:

Ibn ‘Umar, be in this world like a stranger or somebody passing on his way; and count yourself amongst the inhabitants of the grave.

Concerning this, Aboo Bakr ‘Abdullaah Ibn Humayd quoted the following lines pf poetry:

O heedless one sitting in the
shade of joy and pleasure!

Travel through this world
as a stranger!

Ever count your soul amongst
those already deceased.

Shun this world and cling not
to this Abode of Deceit.

[The Journey Of The Strangers, translated by Shaykh Aboo Rumaysah, Pp. 40-41]

As one of the Salaf said, “If the kings knew the pleasure (of the soul) we feel, then they would fight us with it with their swords.


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