The Example Of This Dunya

Ibn Kathir says in his Tafsir:

“A characteristic of the dunya is that it flees from the one who chases her, and it chases the one who flees from her”.

[Tafsir Ibn Kathir, 4/197].

Jesus, the son of Mary, said:

“The example of a person who seeks dunya is like that of a person who drinks (salt) water from the ocean. The more he drinks, the thirstier he gets, until he is killed by it!”

[Kitaab Dham Ad-Dunya, 3/342].

Wahb Bin Munbih said:

“The example of the dunya (worldly life) and hereafter is like the example of a man who has two wives. If he pleases one of them, the other one will be displeased”.

[Kitaab Dham Ad-Dunya, 1/119].

Source: Durani


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