The Pious, Unknown, Young Worshipper Of Allaah

Aboo ‘Abdillaah, the mu’adhdhin of the mosque of Banoo Haraam, said:

“My neighbour was a young boy, whenever I called the adhaan and iqaamah for prayer, it would seem that he was standing at the nape of my neck. When he had prayed, he would put on his shoes and enter his house.

I would hope that he talk to me or ask me for something and one day he asked me, “Aboo ‘Abdillaah, do you have a mushaf that you could lend me that I may recite from?

I gave him one, he took it and held it against his chest and said, “Something will happen to you and I today.

That whole day I did not see him. I called the iqaamah for Maghrib but he did not come, and likewise for ‘Ishaa’, so I started having suspicions. I went to his house and all I saw there was a bucket and a washroom. There was a curtain on his door which I pulled back and saw him there, dead.

My mushaf was also there which I took and then called  some people to help me lift him onto his bed. I spent the night thinking who I could ask concerning his burial sheet. I called the adhaan for Fajr and entered the masjid to see a light coming from the direction of the qiblah, I went to it and found a wrapped burial sheet there which I took, all the while praising Allaah, the Most High.

I put it in my house and then called the iqaamah; after prayer I found sitting on my right hand side Thaabit Al-Bunaanee, Maalik Ibn Deenaar, Habeeb Al-Faarisee and Saalih Al-Murree.

I said, “Brothers, what has brought you here?

They said, “Has someone dies here this night gone by?

I said, “A young boy who used to pray with me.

They said, “Show us.

When they entered the house, Maalik Ibn Deenaar removed the garment covering the deceased face and kissed his forehead on the place where he would prostrate and said, “May my father and mother be ransomed! You – Hajjaaj, if you became known in a particular place, you would move on to a place in which you were not known… come let us wash him!

Each one of them had a burial sheet in which they wished to wrap him, I informed them of what had happened that morning and they agreed to bury him in the burial sheets I had found. We then left and could hardly lift up his bier for the great crowd of people who had gathered to attend his funeral!”

[Related in “The Journey Of The Strangers”, translated by Shaykh Aboo Rumaysah, Pp. 50-51]


2 Responses to “The Pious, Unknown, Young Worshipper Of Allaah”

  1. Muslimah Says:

    Assalaamu alaykum

    Can you post this full book
    “The Journey Of The Strangers, By Al-Aajurree”

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