[Poem] Unknown Amongst The People, Known Amongst The Hoor Al-‘Ayn

Abul Fadl Al-‘Abbaas Ibn Yoosuf Ahs-Shiklee quoted the following lines from one of his colleagues, where he describes the stranger, the pious, the unknown worshipper of Allaah, and how he goes unknown in the gatherings of people, yet sits among the Hoor Al-‘Ayn:

It is likely that one attired in rags sit in a gathering tomorrow;

His carpet spread out laid out with cushions.


Rivers flow ceaselessly in his meadow;

Accompanied by Hoors, encircled by gardens.


Lands and homes, wondrous treasured;

Wonderful is the abode of Eternity, excellent the company.


A friend and neighbour of the Prophet, Muhammad (saw);

Granted closeness to a friend most worthy.


Wonder for the servant living in his Lord’s vicinity;

In the Abode of Richness, in the embrace of fair ladies!


Wonder for him; the Hoors walking in close proximity;

On green brocade carpets. Glory to the Creator!

[Related in “The Journey Of The Strangers”,  translated by Shaykh Aboo Rumaysah, Pp. 51-52]


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