[Poem] O One Who Saw A Stranger In A Threadbare Garment

al-Husayn Ibn Ahmad Al-Azdee said:

“A young boy, devoted in his worship, came to Al-Maseesah and set up residence near the masjid of Asad Al-Khushaab. He would listen to the speech of the people and wore old garments. He was a thin boy of languid complexion and when Asad saw his devotion to worship, he drew him close to himself. When the boy realised this, he ran away and did not come back. This caused him a great deal of sorrow and he composed the following lines of poetry:

O one who saw a stranger in a threadbare garment;
Thin of body, pale in colour.

Face smeared with dust, despondent;
In the depths of night, conversing with The Compeller.

‘My heart craves You,’ says he, ‘O Glorious, O Clement.’;
His tears flow in abject desire.

O wonderful a home to seek, the Gardens of enchantment;
Wives in pavilions of glorious pearls.

Full breasted, large eyed, youthful and innocent;
Clothed in silk, the eyes they bewilder.

 Bracelets on their forearms, O what wonderment!
Their drink is sealed wine springing fourth from rivers.

And the fount of Salsabeel and wine… Blessed be The Omnipotent!
Surrounded by a company exalted, O wonder!

 O one who saw a stranger in a threadbare garment.”

[Related in “The Journey Of The Strangers” Pp. 52-53, translated by Shaykh Aboo Rumaysah]

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