The Definition Of Shirk According To The Hanafee Scholar Abul Hasan An-Nadwee, Part 1

Shaykh Abul Hasan An-Nadwee Al-Hanafee said:

“(You should) know that shirk has become widespread among the people during this era to the extent that sincere tawheed has become strange. However, most of the people do not know the meaning of shirk and claim that they have eemaan (correct belief) even though they are entrenched in shirk and polluted by it.

So what is important before anything is for people to fully comprehend the meaning of shirk and tawheed and their rulings in the Quraan and hadeeth.”

He then goes on to mention:

“Know that shirk does not just stop at a person making someone equal with Allaah and viewing them as being the same with no difference, rather the reality of shirk is manifest when a person performs actions that are specifically for Allaah and His Elevated Self, and are symbols of servitude to Allaah, and directs them to a person, such as: … believing that a person is omnipresent everywhere (haadhir naadhir), affirming that a person has the ability to control within (the world) – all of that confirms shirk and deems a person a Mushrik.

This is even if the person believes that this person, angel or jinn that is prostrated to, slaughtered to, vowed to or sought help from is less in status than Allaah and affirms that Allaah is the Creator while the object (to whom these practices of worship are dedicated) is a servant and creation (of Allaah).

And there is no difference in this between Prophets, awliyaa, jinn, shayateen, powerful jinn (‘afaareet) – whoever treats these with such actions and practices of worship is a Mushrik.”

[Taqwiyat Al-Eemaan]


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