The Definition Of Shirk According To The Hanafee Scholar Abul Hasan An-Nadwee, Part 2

Shaykh Abul Hasan An-Nadwee Al-Hanafee said:

“Shirk does not just depend on people equating a person with Allaah without a difference, rather the reality of shirk is that a person comes with actions which are specific for Allaah in His ‘Uloohiyyah and performing them to a person, such as sujood, slaughter, making vows, seeking help when in need, believing that he is present in every place, affirming actions in the universe to him – affirming all of this for him is shirk and makes a person a Mushrik.”

[Taqwiyat Al-Imaan, Pp. 22-23 (urdu vers.) & An-Nadwee, Risaalat At-Tawheed, Pp. 32-33]


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