Shirk Does Not Only Necessitate Making Something Equal To Allaah In Totality

What is well known is that shirk is the main thing the Quraan warns against.

Allaah says (informing us of the advice Luqmaan gave to his son):

…Do not associate partners with Allaah…” [31:13]

The verse above means that nothing can be compared with Him (whether totally or partially).

Al-Meelee Al-Maalikee said:

“Just as it does not linguistically necessitate ascribing partnership by making the partners have equal shares and portions, it does not just necessitate shirk according to the Divine Legislation to equalise a partner for Allaah in all of His Attributes or in one of His Attributes – rather, a person is branded a Mushrik in the Divine Legislation due to his affirming associating partners with Allaah – even if he makes the object of association less than Allaah in ability and knowledge…”

[Risaalat Ash-Shirk, p.64]

So whoever makes something equal to Allaah, whether in totality or partially, has committed shirk, as Al-Azhari Ash-Shaafi’ee said:

“Whoever makes Allaah equal with something from the creation has become a Mushrik because Allaah has no partners, no associate and no helper.”

[Tadheeb Al-Lughaat, 10/16]


One Response to “Shirk Does Not Only Necessitate Making Something Equal To Allaah In Totality”

  1. May Allaah guide and guard us all on d right path of deen….

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