Even The Prophets Feared Falling Into Shirk!

Allaamah ‘Alee Suwaydee Ash-Shaafi’ee says, after mentioning the du’aa the Prophet (saw) used to do in asking refuge from Allaah against falling into shirk:

“The Khaleel of Allaah Ibraaheem (as), said:

…and keep me and my sons away from worshipping idols.” [14:35]

Although his children were Prophets and Messengers! So if this was the last of the Prophets and this was how the Friend of the Lord of the Worlds was, that they both sought refuge from shirk and sought liberation with Allaah from it, and they both feared falling into it, and they were the best of the Messengers of Allaah, so what about others whoever they may be!?”

[Stated by Allaamah ‘Alee Suwaydee Ash-Shaafi’ee in Al-‘Iqd Uth-Thameen, Pp. 119-120]


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