The Definition Of Shirk According To The Shaafi’ee Scholar ‘Alee Suwaydee

Allaamah ‘Alee Suwaydee Ash-Shaafi’ee said:

“A person is not a Muwahhid (Monotheist) with the sought-after tawheed unless he has freed himself from all that which includes shirk.

Contrary to the Muwahhid is the Mushrik who has shirk in certain types whether in statements, actions or in beliefs, dealings or in his agreement and beautifying of it, or his being pleased in speaking with it and listening to it…

As a result, they associated between the Creator and the creation in love, hope, fear, withholding, giving, closeness and farness…

You see that the Quraan and the hadeeth mention shirk and the Mushrikeen more than it mentions kufr and the Kaafiroon.”

[Stated by Allaamah ‘Alee Suwaydee Ash-Shaafi’ee in Al-‘Iqd Uth-Thameen, Pp. 18-19]


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