Know Shirk In Order To Avoid It

As Aboo Bakr Bin Muhammad Al-Hanbalee said:

“Shirk is the worst disease to afflict a person, it is when a person is set up as a partner with Allaah and this is contrary to tawheed. For that reason, I advise myself and every Muslim male and female to know shirk in order to stay away from it…” (1)

Allaamah ‘Alee Suwaydee Ash-Shaafi’ee said:

“You should know that shirk can either be in Ruboobiyyah or in Uloohiyyah (2)…

The tawheed of the worshipper is not perfected until after he has understood shirk, its types and causes, just as the poet said:

I knew the evil so as not to fall into it,
Whoever does not know the good from the evil will fall into it.” (3)


(1) Al-‘Aqeedah Fi Safahaat, p. 39

(2) The Muftee Of makkah of his time, Shaykh Aboo Bakr Bin Muhammad ‘Aarif Khuqayr (d. 1340H) said, “Ruboobiyyah is from Him to His servants, and worship from His servants is for Him (alone).” [Kitaab Maa Laa Buda Minhu, p. 30]

(3) Stated by Allaamah ‘Alee Suwaydee Ash-Shaafi’ee in Al-‘Iqd Uth-Thameen, Pp. 18-19


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