Guidelines For Applying Takfeer & When Is A Person Excused, Part 1

Just as it is not permissible to make takfeer of a Muslim without right, likewise it is not permissible to refrain from making takfeer of an actual Mushrik or of one who has really left Islaam.

One of the conditions before applying takfeer is that the person must know the proofs contrary to his actions of shirk.

Al-Aloosee said:

“None of the people of knowledge, who are referred to, ceased deeming the grave worshippers as being upon kufr. Yet they always stated that the person is not to be executed if he repents and the person is not judged as having kufr until the proofs have been established on the person and the likes of such statements can be found from the people of knowledge.”

[Ghaayat Al-Amaanee, 1/30-31]

It is well known that takfeer of the people of innovation is not permisible unless they have committed open kufr or clear shirk and have denied something which is known by the deen by necessity, and after the proofs have been established on them and the way has been made clear to them.

Shaykh Al-Islaam, Ibn Taymiyyah said, when discussing the various preventive factors that prevent a person from being labeled as a disbeliever:

“…or he heard some words that he did not believe was from the Noble Quraan or from the ahaadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah, just like some of the Salaf denied things until they were verified as having been said by the Prophet (saw).”

[Majmoo’ Al-Fataawaa, 35/165]



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