Quotes From The Salaf Regarding Sins, Part 1

Ibn ‘Abbaas said:

“There cannot be a major sin along with seeking Allaah’s forgiveness, nor a minor sin while being persistent upon it.”

[Ash-Shu’ab, 5/7268]

Al-Awzaa’ee said:

“It used to be said, ‘From the major sins is for a man to do a sin and then look down upon it.‘ “

[Ash-Shu’ab, p.6752]

Aboo Ayoob Al-Ansaaree said:

“Indeed a man will do a bad deed and be afraid of it so much so that he will go to Allaah in safety.”

[Ash-Shu’ab, p.6880]

Ibn Al-Mubaarak said:

“Once Wuhayb Ibn Al-Ward was asked, ‘Will the one who disobeys Allaah find the sweetness of worship?‘ He replied, ‘No, nor the one who even thinks about disobeying Allaah.‘ “

[Ash-Shu’ab, p. 833]

Bishr Ibn Al-Haarith said:

“You will not find the sweetness of worship until you place a barrier between yourself and your lusts.”

[As-Siyar, 10/473]

Abul Hasan Al-Muzayyan said:

“A sin committed after another sin is a punishment for the first sin and a good deed that is done after another good deed is the reward for the first good deed.”

[Sifatus Safwah, 2/456]


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  1. JazakaAllahu kheyr brother.

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