Is It legit To Say “SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem” After Reciting The Quraan?


When I finish reading something from the Quraan, may I say, ‘Allaah, the Alighty, has spoken the truth (SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem)‘?

Answer: (By Shaykh Bin Baaz)

Though this practice has become popular among Musilms, it has no precedent or basis or foundation in Islaam; therefore you should not make it a habit or a ritual to say this phrase after reading the Quraan. The meaning of te following hadeeth applies to the said practice:

Whoever does a deed that is not upon our affair, then it is rejected.

Though we might not call this practice an innovation (bid’ah), it is nonetheless similar to an innovation. Som epeople go to further extremes, reciting this phrase during prayer.

To say ‘‘Allaah, the Alighty, has spoken the truth (SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem)‘ after reciting the Quraan has not been related from ther Prophet (saw), his companions, or the pious early generations of Muslims. Just because this practice is now widespread and some people approve of it, it does not mean that it is legitimate.

If you read a verse of the Quraan that you are in awe of because of what the verse signifies in terms of profound meaning, you may, in such an instance, say ‘Allaah, the Alighty, has spoken the truth (SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem)‘. But as far as we know, there is no basis for you to say it as a habit every time you read the Quraan.

We arrived at this decision only after having researched the issue thoroughly and after having discussed it with the people of knowledge.

Shaykh Bin Baaz.


One Response to “Is It legit To Say “SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem” After Reciting The Quraan?”

  1. Saeed ibn Muhammad Says:



    brother can you please ref the source? you have been leaving out the sources more often thse days, is everything ok brother?

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