Venerating And Glorifying Graves, By As-Suwaydee Ash-Shaafi’ee

As-Suwaydee Ash-Shaafi’ee said:

“So you see them praise graves above all heights and write verses of the Quraan on them, make coffins out of sandalwood and ivory, place silk with pure gold and silver over these coffins. This was not enough to please them until they circulated these graves with windows made from silver and the likes.

They then place golden candles around these graves and build golden or inscribed glass domes over them and they adorned doors (to these graves) with gold and then made silver locks for these doors out of fear of thieves.

All of this opposed the Deen of the Messengers and is the source of enmity against Allaah and His Messenger.

So if these people are really followers (of the Deen) they would look at what he (the Prophet (saw)) did and what he (saw) used to do with his companions who were the most virtuous of followers. They should also look at his noble grave and (see) what the Sahaabah did in regards to it.”

[Al-‘Iqd Uth-Thameen, p.185]


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