Doing Du’aa By The Grave Of The Prophet (saw)

Imaam Maalik said:

“I do not view that one should stand by the grave of the Prophet(saw) and make du’aa, rather one should give salaam and then pass by.”

[This was mentioned by Ismaa’eel Ibn Ishaaq in Al-mabsoot and its isnaad is saheeh as noted in Siyaanatul Insaan (p.264). Also see Fath Al-Mannaan, p.358]

Imaam Maalik was asked about those who ‘may even stand by the grave on jumu’ah or on other days of the week at any one time or more than once, sending salutations and making du’aa for an hour or so (by the grave)‘, so Imaam Maalik replied:

“These actions have not reached me from any of the people of fiqh in our land, so to leave these practices is better. The latter part of this ummah will not be rectified except with that which rectified the first part of the ummah. It has not reached me from the former part of the ummah that they did that…”

[Fath Al-Mannaan, p.358]

Al-Aloosee Al-Hanafee said:

It would suffice you to know the truth by following what the companions of the Messenger did with his (saw) grave. His (saw) grave is the most virtuous grave on the face of the earth; therefore you should stop at what the companions did when they visited his grave and gave salutations.”

[Rooh Al-Ma’aanee, 15/239-240]

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