Calling Upon Allaah | Quotes From The Salaf, Part 1

Abud Dardaa’ said:

“Whoever knocks on the door then it is on the brink of it being opened up for him, and whoever makes a lot of du’aa then his supplication is on the verge of being answered.”

[Ash-Shu’ab, 2/1142]

‘Aa’ishah (ra) said:

“Ask Allaah to facilitate everything, even the string to your sandal, for if Allaah had not made facilitation, it would not be facilitated.”

[Ash-Shu’ab, 2/1142]

Muhammad Ibn Al-Waleed said:

“Once ‘Umar Ibn ‘Abdil-‘Azeez passed by a man in whose hand were stones he played with and at the (same) time he was supplicating, ‘O Allaah! Allow me to marry one of the Hoor Al-‘Een‘, so ‘Umar turned to him and cried out, ‘What an evil proposer you are! Certainly you should throw these stones and make you du’aa sincere and pure to Allaah.‘ “

[Al-Hilyah, 5/287]



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