Seeking Repentance For Ones Sins, Part 1

Ahmad Ibn ‘Aasim said:

“Surely, this is the easy prey, clean up the rest of your life and you will be forgiven for your past.”

[Az-Zuhd Al-Kabeer, p.228]

Talq Ibn Habeeb said:

“Verily, Allaah’s rights are far too heavy for the slaves to fulfill, and indeed, the favours of Allaah are far too many for the slaves to count, however, wake up as repentants, and go to sleep as repentants.”

[Al-Musannaf, 7/182]

Ja’far said:

“Once it was said to Sa’eed Ibn Jubayr, ‘Who from the people is of the most worship?

He answered, ‘The man who has committed sins and whenever he remembers his sins, he looks down on his [good] deeds.‘ “

[Sifatus Safwah, 2/665]


2 Responses to “Seeking Repentance For Ones Sins, Part 1”

  1. SubhanaAllaah!!!!!!! may Allaah accept us amongst the Tawaabeen!!

  2. There is an error in the question asked by the shaykh .Please correct it,Insha’Allah

    Jazak Allah.

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