Thinking About The Hereafter, Part 2

Hasan Al-Basree said:

“What do you think about a day in which they [all of mankind] have stood on their feet for a period of time that amounts fifty thousand years, they haven’t eaten any food, nor drank any drink, until the point that their throats have become severed out of thirst and their insides burnt upon out of hunger, and then they will be taken to the Fire and given drink from a scorching, hot spring?!”

[Al-Hilyaa, 4/500]

Mutarrif Ibn ‘Abdillaah said:

“Verily, this death has certainly corrupted upon the people of pleasure their pleasure, so seek pleasure in which there is no death.”

[Lataa’f Al-Ma’arif, p.70]

Hasan Al-Basree said:

“O Son of Adam! Walk on the earth with your feet as long as you wish, for it shall soon be your grave.

You have not ceased to subtract from your life span since you came from your mothers’ womb.”

[Al-Hilyah, 2/155]

Bishr Ibn Mansoor said:

“Verily, I think of something from the affairs of the worldly life which distracts me from thinking about the hereafter, and I fear upon my sanity.”

[Al-Hilyah, 2/241]


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