Venerated Graves Are Nothing But Idols

Al-Meelee said:

“Samples of Contemporary Idolatry:

If it is said to the people that those tombs and shrines are idols they would say, ‘you are insulting the pious!’ O my brothers, understand the Arabic language well and also the Deen and then you will find that it is not insulting the Awliyaa. For anything that is ascribed for worship other than Allaah is an idol and all who worship it are destroyed… Those shrines and tombs are idols even if they are ascribed to a pious friend of Allaah.”

[Risaalat Ash-Shirk, p. 268]

The Prophet (saw) said:

The Hour will not be established until tribes from my Ummah will follow the Mushrikeen and until some tribes from my Ummah will actually actually worship idols.

In another narration:

…until groups from my Ummah will worship idols.


3 Responses to “Venerated Graves Are Nothing But Idols”

  1. Quick question:

    Some people say that we are insulting the dead pious person by saying his grave is an idol.

    How do we respond to such a claim?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      We are not comparing the dead to idols. rather it is those grave worshippers who, due to their actions, are resembling the graves to idols.

      We then just say the truth in describing their actions.

      So we are not saying the dead people in the graves are idols in a way to insult them, rather these people through their evil actions are resembling the idol worshippers of old.

      So it is them, not us, who are comparing them to idols.

  2. Salam alayqum wr wb

    Brother, I have searched for the book online; Risalaat ash’Shirk but unable to find anything about it. Can you please give me details of the book. I mean the name of author, publisher, and language it was published in and the country as well.

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