Exposing Others’ Sins, Part 2

Aboo Ja’far Muhammad Ibn ‘Alee said:

“It is a sufficient portion of defect for a person to clearly see from the people [of mistakes and shortcomings] that which he is blind of from his own self…” (1)

Hasan said:

The believer is the mirror of his brother, if he sees something that he is not pleased with, he straightens it out and adjusts it, and protects his honor in private and public.” (2)

‘Abdullaah Ibn Muhammad Ibn Manaazil saod:

“The Believer seeks excuses for his brothers, and the hypocrite seeks the mistakes for his brothers.” (3)

Bakr Ibn ‘Abdillaah Al-Muzanee said:

“Treat your brothers well despite their shortcomings that they have, just as you like for them to treat you [well] despite the shortcomings that you have. Everyone that you see making a mistake or mishap should not fall from your sight, for surely you are most deserving of this yourself.” (4)


(1) Al-Hilyah, 3/188

(2) Al-Ikhwaan Of Ibn Abid Dunyaa, p. 55

(3) Ash-Shu’ab, 7/11197

(4) At-Tawbeekh of Abush Shaykh, p.54


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