How Can You Be Other Than A True Slave Of Allaah?

Ibn ‘Aqeel Al-Hanbalee (1) said:

“Allaah has dignified the creatures, especially the son of Aadam in that He has allowed you to make shirk if compelled to do so and put the sanctity of you before the sanctity of Him to the extent that He has allowed you to mention Him with that which is not befitting to Him when you have to protect yourself.

Allaah has dignified your honour by legislating the hadd punishment on the one who slanders you. Allaah has dignified what you own by legislating that the Musilm who steals from you should have his hand cut. Allaah has lessened the portion of prayer on you during travel. Allaah has established wiping of the socks to take place od washing te feet as a concession to you in order to avoid the difficulty of removing your clothes.

Allaah has allowed for you to eat the dead animals in order to keep your body well and to preserve your health. Allaah warns you from that which will harm you soner and the threat that will come later. Allaah does what is beyond ordinary for your sake. And Allaah revealed the Books unto you.

So after this respect unto you, is it good for Him to see you going towards that which He has prohibited unto you? When He instructs you, you pay no attention and ignore it. When He warns you from something, you take no notice and commit it and you turn away when He calls you.

It is not befitting for this noble, living and respected creation, over the rest of te creatures, to be seen as anything else than a worshipper of Allaah.” (2)


(1) Adh-Dhahabee said about him: “Imaam, Al-‘Allaamah, the ocean of knowledge, the Shaykh of the Hanaabilah.” He died in the year 513 AH, refer to Siyar A’laam An-Nubulaa, 19/443-451.

(2) Taken from ‘Aqeedat Al-Muwahhiddeen, Pp. 64-65, quoted in “Shirk According To The Scholars From The Four Madhhabs” by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Khumayyis, Pp. 192-193.


5 Responses to “How Can You Be Other Than A True Slave Of Allaah?”

  1. Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi akhi,

    May Allah azza wa jal reward you for your beneficial posts.

    Just something I’ve noted: In footnote one it says Imam Ibn Aqeel died in 513AH. I’ve read from other sources that he passed away in 531AH. Can you just confirm that you haven’t had a typo when quoting Siyar A’laam An-Nubulaa?

    Jazzakamullahu khair

  2. Assalaamu alaykum wa jazakallahu khayran

    There is a mistake in paragraph 2 lines 8 & 9.


  3. ahlultaqwa Says:

    As-salaamu alaykom..I’m translating your posts into swedish for my blog, I hope that it’s ok..make du’a to Allah to ease our affairs..wa salaamu alaykom

  4. Ahlultaqwa- The most authentic website for free islamic resources in Audio, Video & Ebooks in English and Urdu

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