Lowering Your Gaze On ‘Eid

It is reported on the authority of Al-Wakî’ b. Al-Jarrâh:

We went out one Eid with Sufyân Al-Thawrî and he said, “The first thing we will do on this day of ours is to lower our gaze.”

[Ibn Abî Al-Dunyâ, Kitâb Al-Wara’. Article 66]

It is reported that Hassân b. Abî Sinân – Allâh have mercy on him – went out one Eid and when he returned home his wife said:

“How many beautiful women have you looked at today?”

After she kept asking him, he said:

“Woe to you! I have looked at nothing but my toe from when I went out to when I returned to you.”

[Ibid. Article 68]

2 Responses to “Lowering Your Gaze On ‘Eid”

  1. Jazakum Allaahu khair. Lowering the gaze is easy if the Muslim or Muslimah realize that looking at 7aram gains them nothing except sins, while lowering the gaze gains them more piety and the pleasure of Allaah Almighty.

  2. Mohammad Ayub Says:

    My pleasure of prayer is lost altogether! And I just start acting as a machine in my prayers… If any of the Muslim or Muslimah feels this, He/She will eventually refrain from this.. Coz the Sweetness of Prayer once felt is way beyond than the pleasure of Gazing, which is temporary but the latter is long lasting, soothing, and extremely PEACEFUL…. This can be the best of things to achieve and enable oneself from Gazing at haram objects…. Peace be to All…

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