What The Hanafee Scholars Have Said Regarding Venerating Graves

Muhammad Bin Yahyaa Bin Muhammad Al-Kandahalawee Al-Hanafee said:

“As for building masjids over graves and tombs then this resembles the Jews who built masjids over the graves of their Prophets and seniors. Within this is venerating the dead and resembling the idol-worshipers.

As for placing lights and candles over graves, then this is in itself a waste of money which is forbidden based on Allaah’s saying:

Indeed the wasteful are brothers of the devils, and ever has Satan been to his Lord ungrateful.” [17:27]

It also resembles the Jews who used to light the graves of their seniors with candles then venerate these graves and preoccupy themselves with that which is not of concern.”

[Al-Kawaakib Ad-Daraaree, 1/316-317]

Al-Aloosee Al-Hanafee said:

“I have seen those who allow what the ignorant do at the grave of the dead pious such as honoring graves, building tombstones over graves, lighting graves with candles, praying to graves, making tawaaf around graves, kissing them, gathering by the graves at specific times and other practices. All of that is opposition to Allaah and His Messenger (saw) and innovating in the Deen that which Allaah did not permit.

It would suffice you to know the truth by following what the companions of the Messenger did with his (saw) grave. His (saw) grave is the most virtuous grave on the face of the earth; therefore you should stop at what the companions did when they visited his grave and gave salutations.”

[Rooh Al-Ma’aanee, 15/239-240]


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