Debating An Innovator

The Shaikh of Aboo Daawood and an-Nisaaee once debated an innovator who said the Qur’aan is created (i.e. the speech of Allaah is created) this is what took place.

The Shaikh: Did the Prophet and his successors know of this bid’a?

The innovator: No they did not know of this.

The Shaikh: So if they did not know of this, how is it possible that you came to know of it?

The innovator: (retracts his statement) No, they knew about it.

The Shaikh: If they indeed did know of it, do you truly think they would not have mentioned it (in a hadeeth etc) or call mankind towards this (knowledge) or was that not a possibilty?

The innovator: No they kept quite about it and did not mention it.

The Shaikh: So you are saying that something the Messenger of Allaah and his companions kept silent about and did not mention, you mention instead?!

And thus the innovator was dumb struck and the Khaleefah at that time was so impressed that he supported the Sunnah and ordered those who spoke about matters our Prophet did not speak about (i.e. spreading lies about him) to be taken far away from his presence.

[Fawaa-id wa Musabaqaat page. 173 by Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen]



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