The Salaf’s Fear Of The Hereafter

Mu’aadh (ra) said:

“One day Aboo Bakr (ra) entered a garden and there was a finch standing in the shade of a tree, so he sighed deeply and then said, ‘Glad tidings to you o bird! You eat fruit, receive shade from the trees and then you pass on to no reckoning; only if Aboo Bakr was like you!‘ ” (1)

Haani’, the freed slave of ‘Uthmaan said:

“Whenever ‘Uthmaan (ra) used to stand over a grave, his beard would become wet from tears.” (2)

Maalik Ibn Deenaar said:

“By Allaah, if it was possible for me not to sleep, I would not sleep out of fear that the punishment would descend and I am asleep.

By Allaah, if I had some helpers, I would spread them out among the Dunyaa and give them orders to cry out to the people, ‘O mankind, the Fire! The Fire!‘ ” (3)

Once ‘Alaa Ibn Muhammad entered upon ‘Ataa As-Sulaymee and he had passed out, so he asked his wife Umm Ja’far, “What is the matter with ‘Ataa?

She replied, “Our neighbour lit her clay oven so he looked towards it thereupon he passed out.” (4)

Muslim Ibn Ibraaheem said:

“Hishaam Ad-Dastawaa’ee never used to put out his lamp at night until the morning and used to say, ‘Whenever I see the darkness, I think about the darkness of the grave.‘ “


(1) Al-Mutamanniyeen, p.71. And there is some difference on the authenticity of this Athaar

(2) Al-Hilyah, 1/61

(3) Al-Ihyaa, 4/567

(4) Tadhkiratul Huffaadh, 1/216

(5) Al-Hilyah 6/221


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