The True Believer, By Sh. Saalih As-Suhaymee

Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee stated:

“The Believer is the one who, when he is reminded, it benefits him and when he is warned, (he) takes heed. When the believer hears, “Allaah said (or) The messenger (saw) said such and such…” his hert trembles and is ready to obey Allaah and His Messenger (saw).

The Believers are not those who are not moved when they hear the remembrance of Allaah.”

[Taken from “15 Attributes Of The Slaves Of The Most Merciful” by Sh. Saalih As-Suhaymee, p. 37]


2 Responses to “The True Believer, By Sh. Saalih As-Suhaymee”

  1. Assalamu alaikom.
    Is this book available online? Jazakom Allah khair.

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