An-Nawawee’s Position On Venerating Graves

Imaam An-Nawawee said:

“It is ‘deemed as forbidden’ to plaster graves and to build and write on them even if the grave is found within a cemetery it should be destroyed.”

[As-Siraaj Al-Wahhaaj, 1/114]

An-Nawawee said:

“They (the scholars) said: it is ‘considered haraam’ to touch the grave and kiss it, rather it is from manners to be distant from it just as the people were distant from it when he was alive.

This is what is right as the ‘Ulamaa have emphasised and applied without being deceived by the contradictory practise of the common people and their actions. This is because guidance and action can only be via the authentic ahaadeeth and the statements of the ‘Ulamaa without turning to the newly invented novelties (innovations) of the common people and others and their ignorant practices.

From the danger of the one like this is that he touches the grave with his hand and the likes in order to attain Barakah (blessings) yet this only shows the person’s ignorance and heedlessness as Barakah is only within that which agrees with the Shar’ (Islamic Legislation), so how can one seek virtue by that which opposes what is correct?”

[Al-Majmoo’, 8/257-258]



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