The Saved Sect: Between Ahlur-Ra’y (People Of Opinion) And Ahludh-Dhaahir (The Literalists)

Shaykh Mashhoor Hasan Aal-Salmaan states:

“Imam Ash-Shhatibee in his Al-Muwaafaqaat (5/229-230) has some very important words… wherein he clarifies the boundary of who is a Dhaahiree and notes that it applies to whoever rigidly holds to the apparent text and overlooks anything else. While the person of Ra’y (opinion) rigidly adheres to this and begins to sideline acting in accordance with the texts.

Ahul Hadeeth are balanced in between the two factions.

Ahlur-Ra’y memorised principles and sidelined acting in accordance with the texts and in fact did not even occupy themselves at all in studying the books of hadeeth and riwaayah, and merely delved into subsidiary issues based on statements of scholars and made this an Usool (principle)… The views of the ‘Ulamaa also need those who can relay them back to the sources (1).

For this reason within Muslim history there have been those who have a pure fiqh approach wherein they delve into subsidiary issues and distance themselves from the revelation itself.

While Ahludh-Dhaahir became rigid vis-a-vis the wordings, thus the truth is median between the two factions…” (2)


(1) Refer to this article for more info: “Authenticating Statements/Opinions Of The Four Imaams“.

(2) Taken from “The Madhhab Of Ahlul Hadeeth” by Shaykh Mashhoor Hasan Aal-Salmaan, Pp.95-96


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