Do The Blind Followers Really Follow Their Imaams?

Ibn Al-Qayyim stated:

“Those muqallidoonn (blind followers), who acknowledge that they are not people of knowledge, who claim to be from the true followers of the Imaams who followed the proofs, are not truly followers of the Imaams. Even the ignoramuses are more pleased to follow the Imaams than these Muqallidoon (blind followers).

Whoever opposes one of the Imaams based on a proof is actually a follower of them (1) as opposed to merely accepting the Imaam’s statement without proof (2). This was the view of the Imaams’ followers, they sought refuge in Allaah from being their uncritical followers who equalise the (Imaams’) views with the status of the Texts. Rather they are to leave such views (3) for the Text, those (Muqallidoon) are not the (true) followers of the Imaams.”

[Quoted in “The Madhhab Of Ahlul Hadeeth” By Shaykh Mashhoor hasan Aal-Salmaan, p. 29]


(1) As he is following the Imaam in his principles of taking from the Quraan and Sunnah and making them the judge, rather than judging on them by te speech of other men.

(2) Shaykh Mashhoor says, “It is said that the issues in which Aboo Haneefah agreed with Aboo Yoosuf and Muhammad Ash-Shaybaanee (his top two students) were only seventeen issues. In most instances, Aboo Hanefah’s companions Aboo Yoosuf and Muhammad Ash-Shaybanee, opposed him.” [Ibid. p.30]

(3) Shaykh Mashhoor says, “For example, Ibn As-Subkee in “Tabaqaat Ash-Shaafi’iyyah” stated about some Shaafi’ee jurists that, ‘they did not view that Qunoot be made during the Fajr salaah due to the weakness of te hadeeth which has been relayed in regards to it.‘ A Muhaddith (scholar of hadeeth) has contrary views to an Imaam (of a madhhab) and says, ‘I will be rewarded for leaving the view of the Imaam and the Imaam will be excused (by Allaah) for this view of his.‘ ” [Ibid. p.53]


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