A Few Fabricated Hadeeths That The Shee’ah Relate

From among the fabricated hadeeth related from the Raafidah (shee’ah) are:

Fabrication 1) The Messenger of Allaah (saw) took ‘Alee by the hand, in front of all the Sahaabah, and said, “This is who I appoint, my brother, and the Caliph after me, so listen to him and obey.”

Fabrication 2) “Whoever wishes to see Aadam in his knowledge; Noah in his piety; Ibraaheem in his forbearance; Moosaa in his dignity; And ‘Eesaa in his worship, then let him look at ‘Alee.”

Fabrication 3) “I am the balance of knowledge, ‘Alee is its two scales, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain are its strings, And Faatimah is its link. And the Imaams from us are its pillars. In it is weighed the deeds of those who love us and those who hate us.”

Fabrication 4) “The love of ‘Alee is a good deed and with it one is not harmed by a sin; hating him is a sin and with it one is not benefited by a good deed.”

Note that just as they invent lies in order to praise the family of the Prophet (saw), they also invent lies to belittle the Companions, especially Aboo Bakr and ‘Umar (ra). For example, in one of their narrations, ‘Umar (ra) supposedly tied a rope around ‘Alee’s neck, so that he could be led like a mount, and Faatimah (ra) was behind them screaming. [Sharh Nahj Al-Balaaghah, 1/135]


2 Responses to “A Few Fabricated Hadeeths That The Shee’ah Relate”

  1. hureira Says:

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  2. Give resources if you are telling the truth show us proof from books of shia and sunni’s both if not then you are a liar

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