Breaking Peace Treaties Is Not From Islaam, By Sh. Mashhoor Hasan Aal-Salmaan

Shaykh Mashhoor Hasan Aal-Salmaan said:

“Based upon this it becomes clear to us the accuracy of what has been acknoledged by the scholars of our era in regards to the prohibition of wreaking havoc, hijacking airplanes and killing non-Muslims in their lands which is commited by some young Muslims who enter those lands with Amaan (safe-passage and security), in the form of entry-visas (1).

For this is an example of betrayal and treachery, the prohibition is intensified when it is ascribed to the sharee’ah and considered as being from ‘jihaad’, as they claim!”

[Kitaab Al-Injaad Fee Abwaab Al-Jihaad, 1/63-81]

(1) Just to add, Muslims should not be deceived into thinking that 9/11 and 7/7 were acts carried out by Muslims. There is no concrete proof to say 9/11 was carried out by Muslims, nor is there any solid proof to say 7/7 was carried out by Muslims. Please see comments below.


8 Responses to “Breaking Peace Treaties Is Not From Islaam, By Sh. Mashhoor Hasan Aal-Salmaan”

  1. Abu Hamza Says:

    Assalamu alaikum akhi al kareem. I hope I can offer constructive criticism here. Akhi al habeeb, do not make this beneficial portal of yours a mouth piece for an arguable political agenda. I would rather have you spread knowledge of Usul. The above post is so unbalanced and misleading, Wallahul musta’aan. It tries to imply that those that advocate that the west is at war with Islam and that Muslims should defend themselves are treacherous while it is nothing of the sort. Since when has there been a treaty with the west. It is more a vassalage to the British crown and its successor the USA than a treaty between two parties. Unfortunately the history of the Mideast has been corrupted and rewritten by decades of oppressive totalitarian rulers that control every word being uttered in their domain. But the general population knows the truth. In the end, people spewing these words hurt themselves by exposing themselves to the public. Additionally, what if those rulers weren’t legitimate to begin with. Are you going to tell me Saddam, Gaddafi and Hosni were Muslim rulers? Aal Saud are in there with them they supported Saddam against Iran (innovators and heretics yes) and Ali Saleh another socialist against Muslims from getting power in Yemen. How about ruling permanently with other than Allah’s word and seeking the judgement of the Kuffar on territorial matters and having allegiance to the Kuffar over the Muslims and the imprisonment and torture of Ulama and the list does not end. Just look at the only person that likes this post!! I wonder what interest does a post like this serve them?
    Akhi al Aziz, I understand that You are under the influence of a loyalist group. but I sense sincerity in you. So, I ask you to pray to Allah That He guides either of us who is wrong in this matter. And that you also look into the works of Sulaiman bin Nasir Al-Ulwan and others. You are masha’ Allah knowledgeable and are able to discern the truth for yourself. And know that I love you for the sake of Allah and may he forgive us both.
    Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

    • Wassalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatUllaah akhee. MaashaaAllaah you can write loads.

      1) You’ve touched on a couple of point which need replying to, so plz excuse me if I forget to reply to a specific point u mentioned.

      2) As for me and politics, then everyone who knows me, knows that I am the furthest away from politics. I only found out the the Egyptian ruler stepped down like 3 or 4 month after the whole world. All this Arab uprising etc, is totally going over my head. I cannot even remember the last time I even intended to watch the news, let alone watch it. Even when the MI5 questioned me about 3 or 4 months ago, they asked me my views on a variety of things like (a) the death of Osama Bin Laden, (b) the arab uprising, (c) my views on the tactics used by the police and secret services, and many other political issues, to which my reply was a simple ‘I don’t know and I aint bothered.” Im genuinely ignorant on politics, and its something which I don’t get myself involved in.

      3) Majority of the fiqh rulings which are even linked to politics in one way or another, I’m ignorant of, as politics and me don’t go hand in hand. Its true, I need to educate myself on Islamic Fiqh rulings which have a touch of politics in them, however, its something which I haven’t touched upon.

      4) I can understand when u say this post in unbalanced and misleading, as yesterday night I was thinking I should have put a footnote stating that there has been no official recording (backed with solid proofs) which state that 9/11 or 7/7 was done by Muslims. This is my mistake which I need to add into the post as a footnote.

      5) With regards to self defence, then every country has the right to defend themselves, even if this means using offence, as offence is required when ones defence is not working.

      6) I totally understand what you stated about history being re-written by the kuffaar, and I intend to upload a few posts about that in the near future, and how we Muslims need to educate ourselves with our history. InshaaAllaah there should be a few posts on orientalists and western writers in the near future.

      7) In reference to Saddaam, and the other two you mentioned, akhee, in all honesty, what you’re referring to is totally out of my understanding. I have no idea about politics, nor is politics in my interest. So Im sorry I cannot comment on what you wished for me to comment on there.

      8) Aal Saud, Iraan, etc, Akhee this is all just flying over my head. As I stated above, everyone who knows me, knows I am the furthest away from politics. So sorry again, as I have no idea what you’re trying to tell me there. I’m probably the furthest away from politics than anyone. Some brothers tell me thats a good thing, and some brothers tell me thats a bad thing. At the end of the day, i worship my Lord, and the fear of the punishment of the grave prevents me from indulging into something which (I see) wont get me closer to Paradise, nor will it get me further away from the fire.

      9) Akhee i need to

    • 9) As for ruling with other than Allaah’s law, it is kufr. As for torturing Muslims, then we know (as the Prophet (saw) said) that a woman was in hell because of a cat she kept locked up which died of hunger (or thirst). And this was a cat. So obviously torturing Muslims if a far worse of a crime, especially when the torturing methods used go far beyond starving the guy.


    • 10) As for being influenced by loyalist groups, then (and I mean no offense but) Allaahu ‘alam who your referring to. I stand firm on my al-walaa wal-baraa’, if thats what your referring to.

      11) As for Yemen, Ali Saleh etc, again Allaahu ‘alam who Ali Saleh is, and Allaahu ‘alam about the politics in Yemen. Akhee the way I see it is, I’m here in the uk, fearing my Lord, Most High. Anything which gets me closer to my Lord, I’m for it. Anything which either gets me away from Allaah and closer to the punishment of the grave, then I’m far away from it. And anything which is neither gets me closer to Allaah, nor closer to the fire, I don’t waste my time indulging in it. Allaah has concealed people’s sins from me, and I praise Allaah for that. Allaah has concealed ‘who’s who’ in the political world from me, and I praise Him for that. Knowledge of the den is sufficient for me. When the Dajjaal comes, and that man who he kills and walks in between, then orders him to be raised up again, and then he says “now I’m even sure you’re the dajjaal.” This man was saved from the fitnah of the dajjaal because he knew his deen, not because he indulged in any other ‘knowledge’ (and Allaah knows best).

      All this which is going on around the world, believe me akhee, I’m probably the most furthest away from knowing whats going on. Again some say its good, and some say its bad. The way I see it, if a man has true fear of his Lord (and I mean a true fear, where he has the total conviction of the heart that he is going to one day lay in his grave) then anything and everything (including politics) doesn’t concern him. Akhee the only thing which concerns me is getting closer to my Lord with Knowledge of the Religion and acting upon this knowledge, everything else seems a waste to me. All I want is to be saved form the Fire, and only a person who is truly convinced that (1) just one dip in hell will make him forget all the pleasures of this life and (2) that the least punishment will be a wearing shoes of fire which will make ones head boil, and (3) that the one with the least punishment will think he is going through the most severest punishment from al of mankind. Akhee these three things should be sufficient in preventing one form indulging into politics. It should be sufficient to make one so much in fear that anything which does not have a direct impact on one’s afterlife, should be put to the side.

      Akhee this is just the way I se politics.

      My main reason for posting this article on was to clarify that muslims do not break their peace treaties with those who they have a treaty with. Obviously if the people with whom we have a treaty broke one of the contracts then, of course there is no more peace treaty between us and them. Im guessing this is the opinion you tried to get out of me? If so, then only an ignoramus will continue with his peace treaty if the other party has broken it.

      12) Again akhee, politics is not my field, nor do I wish to go into it. Alhumdulillah I’m ignorant of it, and (as far as I see it) I don’t need to enter into it. If you look at my politics section you’ll notice I only have a handful of posts there. 25 to be exact. And thats in contrast to me having a total of around 1100 posts on this blog. And the last time I posted something in that category was 11 months ago.

      13) Akhee forgive me if I have offended you in any way. Ameen to your du’aas, and may Allaah guide us both to the correct affairs, and forgive us both. Anything correct I have said os from Alaah, and anything incorrect I have said is from my own self and from the Shaytaan. I’m open to any criticisms as long as the criticiser is just, sincere and uses wisdom in his approach. besides these three ingredients, the criticiser is just wasting his/her breath. Forgive me if I have said anything wrong, and may Allaah guide and forgive us both (as well as the ummah of Muhammad (saw)) ameen.

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.


    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Akhee just like to add, under point number 11, I mentioned about me being unaware of others’ sins. Just to ad here, I did not mean to suggest that the leaders are pious or sinless. Me being ignorant of others’ sins holds true for everyone. I’m unaware of the sins of my neighbour, my brothers in the deen, the people who I see in my town, as well as people across the globe, and included in this are the leaders.

      I get people telling me of the sins of such and such leader, to which I don’t respond. Others’ sins are of no concern to me, not because I love them to bits and would disbelieve anything anyone relates to me about their sins. But its just due to me not bothering myself with others’ sins. As I said in my earlier reply, if one truly fears Allaah, then others talking to you about other people sees quite pointless unless there is benefit in me knowing. And again akhee, dont get me wrong, I’m not as those who say that our leaders r sinless, pious muslims.

      Unfortunately due to my ignorance of others’ sins, it can seem that I am turning a blind eye to so-and-so’s errors due to my love for them, and nothing is further from the truth.

      Some people ask me what I think of so-and-so person, and I may give a reply that he is good while that is not the case. But since I am unaware of certain facts (which discredit the person) the questionner thinks I’m showing love and loyalty to deviants, when in fact it is only due to me not knowing that the person (being asked about) is deviant.

      Examples are when someone asks you about shaykh fulaan. You may not know of any deviations/errors of his, whereas the questionner knows of all of his deviations/errors. So as we se nowadays when people ask you, “what do you think of so-and-so?” etc. SubhaanAllaah nothing could be further from ignorance.

      The correct manner is “What do you think about someone who hold such and such beliefs?” stating the errors/deviations you may know of that person.

      Unfortunately certain brothers love asking you questions about your views on certain individuals, yet due to the lack of knowledge the one answering the question has of the person being referred to in the question, the answerer could be labeled as deviant.

      Anyways akhee, this is probably the longest conversation I have ever had where politics has been the subject. Please do feel free to criticise me on any error where you see necessary. As some of the salaf said, “One’s love for ones brother (if it is really based on love for Allaah’s sake) would not be effected when he is criticized by his brother.”

      And we know the famous statement that ones love for one’s brother should be te same irrespective if he praises you or criticizes you, so feel free to criticize me and say what you feel to be correct.

      Akhee this platform is yours. Please feel free to add any comments you wish the reader to read. I have stated in my main post to refer to the comments. So you can state your comments about this post.

      Again as we all know (and what was intended by my post) is that if/when Muslims have a peace treaty with non-Muslims, it is impermissible for the Muslims to be treacherous. If however the Non-Muslims have broke one of the contracts then common sense says the peace treaty is no longer in tact. I don’t think (nor can I imagine) that anyone would say otherwise).

      Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way. Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.


      • Abu Hamza Says:

        wa alaikumus salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa maghfiratuhu.

        Barakallahu feekum Akhi al kareem on your beautiful reply. I agree about everything that’s said. However, as you mentioned that you don’t pay attention to politics or what goes on in the world not affecting the Deen or the Akhirah. of course the politics that we are talking about here are not some parties in government. Its about the extent to which the Deen of Allah is supported or wiped out from a land ( its people) by certain factors. That, obviously, is a matter that concerns our Akhirah, Akhi al habeeb, and is the function and purpose of Wala’ and Bara’. Akhi, I don’t know your situation and in all honesty I didn’t mean nor need for you to explain yourself so explicitly. And, surely, we can sit here and answer each other all day if we leave objectivity. The essence of my reply is that what was mentioned in the post was true (about breaking treaties) but the passage was vilifying people who hold that the treaty was broken by Kuffar or was never ever made. And, any Muslims that advocate self defense or defensive measures are criminals for ascribing their actions to a legitimate clause in the Deen. I hope that that point is clear. And that’s the reason I said I would rather have you stick to Usul than be a pawn in a political agenda which, even you yourself said that, you have a lack of knowledge of.

        As for whether knowing about politics is beneficial or not. Then, as I mentioned earlier, how can it not be beneficial if we watch the Deen of Allah removed from a people or those people outright slaughtered for their Deen? I am astounded by your logic in this. I’m sure that you,ve read in the seerah and the maghazi how the Sahabah and the tabi’een and the salaf where well aware of what goes on with regards what harms the status of the Deen in a land and who’s responsible for or is working to undermine its presence. Take ‘al bidaya wal nihayah’ as an example. Was Ibn Katheer wasting his time? In this, I surely criticize you my brother. I am not asking you about following the mistakes of people but there are certain thresh holds that you must know so as to support such a person or ruler or state or not. Otherwise, you will be in the company of zanadeeq and munafiqeen claiming to be muslims but hurting Islam from the inside. Do you want to be complacent and beguiled in such things? These are all related to wala wal bara’. Dont we love a person the closer he is to the Sunnah and taqwaa and stay away from fusaaq or innovators? how would we know of that if we don’t see the signs? Akhi this is too narrow a margin for me to go into details on this on here. But, I’m sure that you must have come across it in your seeking of knowledge. And if you would like then I can refer a few sources to you to look into.
        Akhi, I was not at all offended by your reply and hope that mine would not make you unable to afford the same courtesy. May Allah Guide you and I And the whole Ummah of Muhammad may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his family and companions and all those that follow on their footsteps till the Last Day and for give us all.

        Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

        Muhibuka fillahi.

  2. Abu Hamza Says:

    Akhi, just wanted to say that I don’t want to drag the conversation into a situation that might be bad for you because of me. It is just my request that you dont post materials that are controversial about contemporary matters that point to a specific party or another. Please just keep spreading the Sunnah and Usul and fight innovations and shirk. that is my request. It is unto you to do what you want here.

    wa jazakumullahu khairan katheeran

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Sorry for the lare reply. JazaakAlaahu khairan for the advice. I try my best to keep my posts politics-free, and inshaaAllaah that’ll be upheld in the future as well. As I said, I literally have absolutely no knowledge about politics.

      It was only yesterday I found out that Gadaffi was killed during a conversation I was having with the Imaam, though I didn’t bother asking when he died, because in all honesty it doesn’t bother me. Shows how dead I am on world affairs. Anyways, may Allaah reward you, ameen.

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.

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